Thursday, April 25, 2013

Support CA AB 1014 - Renewable Energy for ALL!

Below is an example letter to CA Assembly Speaker Perez, in support of AB 1014 (2013) which will make Solar Renewable Energy available to people who do not own a home, but pay property taxes and utility bills in California. Please read, copy, and send this letter to your representatives. Here is a link to make it easy: Vote Solar

Dear Assembly Speaker Perez, 

As a renter, who owns no real-property, in the state of CA, but still pays property taxes indirectly via my lease, and uses energy, and pays utility bills, I want a choice. 

I write to express my strong support for passing AB 1014, the Shared Renewable Energy Self-Generation Program. AB 1014 expands consumer access to renewable energy, providing all customers of SCE, SDG&E and PG&E with the opportunity to invest in an offsite renewable energy system and receive a utlity bill credit in return.

It extends the economic benefits of renewable energy to the large percentage of Californians who currently have no access: renters, people whose homes or businesses are shaded or poorly oriented, space limited public entities, and consumers who lack sufficient credit. It also ensures new clean energy over and above what is required by the state's other clean energy programs.

I support shared renewables as a way to expand the availability of renewable energy to thousands more Californians.

Please support AB 1014.

The traditional panels-on-your-roof solar model has already made California a big solar success story, but it simply doesn’t work for those who don’t own a suitable roof — say, those who rent their homes or office space, or a school with shaded roofs. A new model, called shared solar, allows these energy customers to instead subscribe to an offsite solar project and get credit on their utility bills for clean power produced. That's going to unlock enormous new investment in clean energy across the state.

To make this common sense idea a reality in California, Vote Solar and many allies are working to pass legislation in Sacramento - SB 43 and AB 1014 - to create a pilot program that would result in additional clean energy over and above what’s required under the state’s other clean energy programs.

But we're facing opposition from some utilities, since a big shared solar program would allow more of their customers to opt out of buying power from their polluting power plants. That's why we need your help!

In just a few days, both bills come up for a critical vote in their Energy committees. Take action now to tell your State Representatives to pass shared renewables legislation and open the doors to even more solar goodness: energy bill savings, local jobs, private investment, cleaner air and healthier communities.

Act now and help us give all Californians the opportunity to choose 100% renewable energy!

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