Tuesday, June 4, 2013

SDG&E Energy Rates Up 12% in 2013

As reported in the local press, your electricity rates are going up, agian. Renewable energy is infinite, the more you use, the more you get. But the traditional investor owned energy industries run on a model of scarcity, as resources are depeleated, costs contintue to rise at an accellerating rate, increasing profits.
The California Public Utilities Commission approved energy rate increases requested by both Southern California Edison (SCE) and San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) that will raise electricity bills for many by up to nine and 12 percent, respectively. Some customers of the utility companies will be paying hundreds more per year for the same level of usage. It is estimated to cost homeowners and businesses $500 million dollars more in total utility energy expenditures.  
Currently, these utilities have the highest electric rates in the continental United States (surpassed only by Hawaii). The rate hike is higher than usual because of it being a retroactive increase, making up for lost revenue. The increase is set to take effect September 12013, one of the hottest months of the year 
"The bigger bills will not only hurt ratepayers, but are reminder of SDG&E's stranglehold on the local energy market," says Jacob, "Consumers need more choices on where and how they get their energy so they're not at the mercy of the utility giant every time it wants to boost its bottom line." - San Diego County Supervisor Dianne Jacob

The CPUC said the typical electric bill (500 kilowatt hours per month) will leap 12.2% or $9.95 per month; the average gas bill (33 therms per month) will rise 9.6% monthly or $3.55.
When you stop wasting energy and go solar, you are hedging yourself against the whims of the utilities and their ever-increasing rates. Your savings will continue to grow over time. I encourage you to declare energy independence with SolarCity! Residents that sign up in the next two weeks will be installed before rates go up.

(Note: In December of 2006, SDG&E filed a case before the FERC requesting a 22% increase in its annual retail rates along with an indefinite continuation of formula rates. The CPUC, along with other intervening parties, protested SDG&E's filing stating that its 22% rate increase, its proposed return on equity (ROE) and the indefinite length of formulaic rates are unjust and unreasonable.)


  1. SOME PEOPLE have questioned the historical rate of increase for various energy rates. Here are Southern California's rate increasses 2000-2011, for the three Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs). This is a powerpoint right from the California Public Utility Commission, they collect the data for us.


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