Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another Transportation Solution

We have known that public transportation needs improvement for decades, but this is a real solution available with today's technology, and any fuel."

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  1. When I interned at CalTrans, Dist. 11, in 1998, the people in Project Management spent $5-million on a 5 mile stretch of I-5 just for garbage cleanup. Those RFBs were sent to a limited number of Old-Boys who all knew what each-other were going to bid.

    I commented then, that if we just took 10% of our annual budget, and used it to build a raised monorail, like the one at Disney Land, down the middle of every free-way, we could have free Mass Transit throughout the state in 10 years.

    My ideas was shot down. They took me aside and lectured me about how our entire economy and all the political influences were directly tied to our car economy. If we had such 'free' mass-transit, connecting every village, then people would buy fewer cars, less gas, fewer tires, less insurance, and put mechanics out of business. There is no part of our economy untouched by our bad system.

    Now 13 years later, we still have no mass transit. No renewable energy, and we just keep developing and increasing population. Oh well.