Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A little 'accident' in Louisiana

Watch FUEL

"The Best Movie I've Seen ALL YEAR!"

"We use 25% of the world's oil, we have 2% of the worlds oil, we can't drill our way out. It is easier to put a man on the moon than to drill at the bottom of the ocean."

Former Alaska Senator, Ted Stevens, indicted for taking bribes from big oil, ended his three-decade carrier.

America was once the great hope of all man kind, people around the world were hungry for American moral authority and leadership. After 250 years of disciplined leadership by republicans and democrats, the oil slaves in the White House, because of monumental arrogance and incompetence have drained the reservoirs dry. - Robert Kennedy, Jr.

Germany will be "Carbon Free" by 2050. Sweeden will be oil free by 2020, just ten years. Bio-Diesel should be used in every School Bus, Every 18-Wheeler, Every Navy Ship. Every Train should use Bio-Diesel. Is the global ban on Bio-Fuel a big scam?
  • It takes as much energy to create a gallon of gas as is in that gallon, so you really burn two gallons.
  • It takes as much energy to create a gallon of ethanol (CORN) as is in that gallon, so you get out what you put in, no energy.
  • It takes about 1/3rd as much energy to create a gallon of Bio-Diesel (Soy) as you get out, but it takes lots of fertile land, which makes people cut down their forests, and kill millions of species.
  • Is the cost of the oil wars worth more than researching our energy future? Could Algae replace oil, using just our waste?
  • What if we put as much money into wind turbines as we put into Iraq? ($2-Trillion = all the energy we need, forever)
  • Clean, Quick, Cheap, and immediate return. Conservation, we waste 40-50% of the energy we use.
  • It is time for you to lead. Does the mayor know who you are?
Interesting Emerald Energy, and Mega-Flora Trees.

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