Monday, June 28, 2010

Sustainable Government - a Lesson from Lawrence Lessing of Change Congress

So, you are wondering when the recession will end? You want to know when you'll get your job back? Or when you can get your retirement savings back to previous levels? (Ha, ha, he, he ...)

First, you need a democracy dependent upon people, not corporate lobbies. Problem is, most of us work for corporations or unions that lobby? So, in order to have a just system that builds upon the common good, we must all give up some small measure of our 'power to influence' via campaign contribution$. That's not a 'Free Market', say those who believe politics should follow the directions of the funders.

"Who will ever vote against their own 'self-interest'?"
You do.

Until you are enlightened.

Look, until things change, nothing will change. So, Fix Congress First.

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