Saturday, July 24, 2010

EfficiencyFirst - The Beginning OR The End

As you may have heard, we learned that the U.S. Senate will not take up comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation prior to the August recess. Even more distressing, it’s very unlikely the Senate will push for a comprehensive bill at all this year.

It's deeply disappointing that Big Oil, Dirty Coal and their allies in the Senate, led by the Republican and Democratic leadership, continue to stand in the way of creating a clean energy economy that creates jobs, makes America more energy independent and protects the planet. The twin challenges of building a clean energy economy and addressing global warming are too important to fail.

Today, Sustainable Future joined with EfficiencyFirst and I am lending them my support toward a nationwide campaign to put political pressure on our Federal Representatives. Efficiency First is the voice of America's Home Performance industry, and we need to work to support policies that will fuel it's growth.

We must address the efficiency solution to the carbon economy. If not now, when?

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