Sunday, January 2, 2011

Game The Future

Reality is broken, says Jane McGonigal, of the Institute for the Future, and we need to make it work more like a game.

Jane insists that if we empowered people to change the world, and rewarded them as today's video games do, then they would work hard to build a cooperative team and solve the problems of the world. Can that be true?

The problem is that unlike the game-world, in the 'real world' we don't make the rules ... or do we?

What are laws, but rules of the game? So, why don't we work together to solve the worlds problems just like we solve puzzles in 'World of Warcraft'? The answer is obvious, we don't share the same goals. We compete with our peers and create the very problems that we need to solve. Infinite complexity defies our ability to survive, much less create meaning from the chaos of global conflicts. Besides, in real life most of us are not allowed to kill, and none get multiple lives.

But just imagine, if you still can, a world where we could trust others. Where shared goals and commitment actually bound us in a tight 'SOCIAL FABRIC', and we all had hope and courage, an 'URGENT OPTIMISM' that we could successfully create our future. Wouldn't all of us work together in 'BLISSFUL PRODUCTIVITY' to achieve a world with 'EPIC MEANING'?

With the scope and complexity of the problems ahead we need a world of heros, and I believe we have one. If everyone could be 'SUPER EMPOWERED' to change the world, we might survive. Check out the solutions at SuperStruct and Evoke.

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