Thursday, March 3, 2011

SEMPRA Energy indicated in Mexican Bribary Scandal

Those who follow the Sunrise Power Link story, (the use of nearly $3-Billion in public bond money to build essentially unnecessary infrastructure for centralized power supply) may be aware of the secret conspiracy by SDG&E's owner SEMPRA ENERGY to buy cheap, dirty electricity from Mexico. Now, in a KPBS Radio Report this morning (Tues. March 3rd), by Amita Sharma, tells us more about bribes paid to Mexican officials to secure industrial permits for the new Energia Costa Azul LNG terminal in Baja, Mexico. Aaron Quintinar, formerly from WiLDCoast, says Sempra and Mexican President Felipe Calderon have close ties, and a former Sempra executive says the company paid bribes to Mexican officials.
The Mayor of Ensenada recently closed down Sempra's Costa Azul...due to numerous unlawful actions by Sempra. Sempra apparently got the Mexican Military to re-open the plant, but the Mexican Congress just voted to support the Mayor.
Now, to be fair, monopoly owner SEMPRA claims that the Sunrise Power Link is needed to bring 'Renewable Energy' from the desert to the city (even as their executives build solar panels on their mansions). Yet, in spite of constant protests, lawsuits, and public investigations, SDG&E is going forward with the Power Link Project.

If San Diego County would spend the same $3-billion to make all our local buildings Energy Neutral, and then built DISTRIBUTED Renewable Energy throughout our local neighborhoods (in that order), we would never need to build another carbon-fuel power plant.

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