Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sustainable Hedonism

Our leadership is failing to imagine a sustainable future. They are focused upon finding a way to survive through austerity, rather than thrive via sustainable hedonism. This Protestant theory that sustainable living must hurt is a symptom of the parasitical nature of corporate bureaucracy in government. We can do better.

Democratic Para-scope - combines political overview with public insight - the architectural alchemy of radical transparency.

A power-plant that becomes a ski slope. A land fill that turns into a waste plant. Trash that turns into electricity and heat. Waste water that becomes a thermal pool you can swim in. All the same architecture of an ecosystem.

Bjarke Ingels' architecture is luxurious, sustainable and community-driven. At TEDxEast he shows us his playful designs, from a factory chimney that blows smoke rings to a ski slope built atop a waste processing plant. Why can't we have this in San Diego, CA?

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