Friday, September 6, 2013

Empower Yourself

SDG&E just raised electricity rates for Tier-4 from 29-cents to 36-cents per kilowatt-hour.
That's 20%! You can see how much this will cost you:
This is a great time to do take control of your energy use and empower yourself.
I've got two things you can do without cost to you,
reduce energy waste and get a renewable energy system.

Free Energy Audit for your Home!
My friend Griffin Hagle is a professional Home Energy Auditor and has a great deal.
SDG&E has a grant program for local residential energy audits.
For $199 Griffin can do a Scientific Energy Audit of your home and give you a California Certified Report (good for future remodels or upgrades, etc.) Then after six weeks you get the money back through the SDG&E grant.
So, there is ultimately no cost!
Griffin Hagle 619-573-9560

Free Solar-PV system for your Home!
I'm still working for SolarCity and can get you a FREE Solar-PV system, if you qualify.
SolarCity provides alternative energy at costs less than your local utility.

To get a FREE SolarCity Photovoltaic system for your home, you must have three things:
  1. A roof
  2. A utility bill
  3. A credit score > 680
If that is you, or someone you know, click here to set up a Home Energy Consultation: SolarCity

So, without any cost you can now reduce energy waste and produce your own green power for life.
-Michael Russell

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