Thursday, June 12, 2014

SimCenter LIVE - Resilient Cities Program, Thursdays, Summer 2014

Tonight at 6:30 we UStream from the SimCenter 
2014 Summer Series - GENI World Resources SimCenter
Resilient Cities: How Global Climate Trends Affect Local Communities
1088 Third St., San Diego, CA 92101

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The new SimCenter Interns are working hard to create a 'Resilient Cities' Curriculum. I'd like to invite those from out of town to join in on our Summer 3Rs-Tours with the Council of Divers and get some experiential learning along the cost of La Jolla.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Resilient Cities - Summer Program at SimCenter

The San Diego SimCenter, a project of the Global Energy Network Institute, is holding its annual summer conference series. The subject for the 2014 season is "Resilient Cities", and every Thursday evening, June 12 - August 28th, we will explore and analyze subjects & solutions to our urban planning environments.

Topics in Each Week:
  • Resilience vs. Sustainability
  • Systems Stressors within the region and from the outside
  • Interconnected sub-systems: (Economic, Social, Environmental, and the built environment)
  • Innovation as solution: food and water security, transportation and transit, energy and efficiency, network technology, social inclusion, waste streams, buildings and urban design and technology
  • Policies to prepare and Leadership that fosters change
Thursdays, 6-8Weekly Schedule: June 12 - August 28, 2014
June 12
June 19
June 26
July 3
July 10
July 17
July 24
July 31Designing Resilient Waste Systems
August 7
August 14
August 21
August 28

The Archimedes windmill

A quiet, powerful, and visually stunning solution to urban wind power. The Archimedes Windmill.