Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Center for Sustainable Energy Unites with Equinox Center

Newly formed Equinox Project will enhance and expand quality of life research and analysis
As a long-time supporter of Equinox Center, and the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) we want to let you know that we’ve merged Equinox into CSE’s operations to form the Equinox Project, in order to scale our collective impact to larger audiences locally, and new markets around California and the U.S.

We made this decision knowing that Equinox’ and CSE’s values are aligned. CSE is accelerating the transition to a sustainable world powered by clean energy. We’ll continue finding innovative solutions to quality of life issues and expand some of CSE’s reach into areas outside of the energy sector.

Equinox’ research including the Quality of Life Dashboard and H2Overview, will continue to grow and address quality of life issues regionally through the Equinox Project. And, our young professionals program, Leaders 2020, will continue its progress recruiting millennials to help drive sustainable change.

We hope you can continue to support our work in this next phase. We couldn’t have made it this far without you.

We're very excited about these new steps forward. Please see the text from today’s press release (below) for your reference and contact Stephen Heverly at with any questions.


SAN DIEGO, CA (Jan. 27, 2016) – The Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) today announced a merger with Equinox Center. The union officially creates the Equinox Project, an initiative to be directed by CSE to enhance and expand the work of the former Equinox Center, which focused on environmental, economic and civic affairs in the San Diego region.

Since its founding in 2009, the nonprofit Equinox Center has conducted research and analysis on quality of life issues in the San Diego region. By engaging policymakers, local leaders and other key stakeholders, the Equinox Project will continue this valuable work in San Diego and expand services to other communities in California and other states, according to Len Hering, RADM, USN (ret.), and CSE executive director.

“Equinox Center provides high-quality, transparent data useful for better understanding the intersection of business, government and the environment in San Diego County,” Hering said. “As a part of CSE, we look forward to the new Equinox Project delivering innovative solutions that balance regional growth with available resources to help create more vibrant communities.”

Equinox Center is well known for its annual San Diego Regional Quality of Life Dashboard. As an initiative at CSE, the Equinox Project will continue to produce this annual resource that measures progress and development related to sustainability and economics. The dashboard also analyzes topics such as energy and water supplies, housing infrastructure, land use and transportation systems.

Among the many policy products that also will continue to be published under the Equinox Project is the H2Overview report series. The reports focus on San Diego County’s water supply, providing an ongoing analysis of water issues and solutions such as seawater desalination and purified water recycling.

Equinox Center’s Stephen Heverly joins CSE’s research and analysis staff as the senior project manager of the newly formed Equinox Project.

“This merger with CSE aligns directly with the vision and values of Equinox Center,” said Martin Brown, former Equinox Center board chairman and founding member. “The Equinox Project will continue to measure what matters for the benefit our local region but now will have the potential to replicate that success in other regions of the country.”

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About the Equinox Project
After six years as Equinox Center, the Equinox Project was initiated in January 2016 following a merger with the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE). Now managed by CSE, Equinox Project assists policy-makers, community leaders, decision makers and other stakeholders in crafting better solutions to address community growth challenges in the areas of energy and water resources, housing infrastructure, natural resources and transportation systems. Through in-depth research, policy analysis, communications and convenings, Equinox Project turns research into action to inform and engage the public to help create more vibrant communities.

About the Center for Sustainable Energy®
Accelerating the transition to a sustainable world powered by clean energy
Founded in 1996, the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) is a mission-driven nonprofit, providing clean energy consulting services and program management. Governments, regulators, utilities, businesses, property owners and others look to CSE as an objective implementation partner to develop customized solutions that help lower energy costs and increase consumer choice and accessibility to clean energy technologies. CSE’s suite of services includes expertise in transportation, energy efficiency and building performance, research and analysis, emerging technologies, policy support, workforce development, and marketing, education and outreach. Headquartered in San Diego, CSE works nationwide with support of offices in Los Angeles, Oakland, Calif., and Boston. Learn more at and on Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn.

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