Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sustainable Future: Jim Bell Interview, Part 1

San Diego is a unique sustainable environment, it has the great potential to be completely self-sufficient. With the Pacific Ocean, and our Sunny Weather, we can supply our own food, water, and energy.

Liberty One will broker time on the weekends for local shows. The first such show is SUSTAINABLE FUTURE, with host Michael Russell, focusing upon Sustainable Energy, Food, Water, and Land Use. Each two-hour episode of Sustainable Future contains interviews and commentary on new technologies and best practices, including a segment on "Green-Washing".

For this first podcast we were lucky to interview local Sustainability Expert and Author, Jim Bell about his views on the past, present, and future of San Diego. He has written two books on the subject:
  2. Creating a Sustainable Economy and Future On Our Planet

both available for free download at his web site

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This Hour Sponsored by:
The Ocean Beach, People's Organic Food Cooperative

Located at 4765 Voltaire Street,

Michael Russell is an Energy Efficiently and Conservation Consultant in San Diego, with experience in design and project management.

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